How Does an Air Conditioner Remove Humidity?

High humidity is just one of the tradeoffs of living in the Great Lakes state. Fortunately, an air conditioner can remove the humidity from your home so you stay comfortable throughout the summer. An air conditioning unit doesn’t just remove the heat from the air, it also remove water vapor. Continue reading to learn how your home air conditioner removes some of the “stickiness” in the air.

If your home still feels humid after running the air conditioner, this may be a sign that you need to schedule repairs. Our HVAC contractors provide air conditioning service to help your unit last as long as possible before needing replacement.

High indoor humidity can cause:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Allergens
  • Insects
  • Cupping in hardwood floors
  • Uncomfortable living conditions

How an AC Removes Heat

Your air conditioning unit does more than just blow cold air into your home. It’s also responsible for extracting heat and water vapor from the air so you can stay comfortable. Inside your air conditioning unit are coils filled with refrigerant, a substance that can turn back and forth between its liquid and gas states to absorb and release heat.

As the hot humid air from inside your home passes over these coils, the liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat and turns into a gas. To keep your home at a cool temperature, the air conditioner must then compress the air inside the coils until it returns to its liquid state. The extra heat generated by compressing this gas is released outside the home via condenser coils and a second fan.

How an AC Removes Moisture

High humidity can make the inside of your home feel clammy. Fortunately, an air conditioning unit is able to extract moisture with an evaporator coil. As humid air passes over the evaporator coil, it’s condensed and drained into a condensate pan.

How Humidity Affects Cooling

Too much moisture in the air traps heat and makes it feel hotter than the actual temperature. For this reason, it’s important to invest in an air conditioning unit to both cool and dehumidify your home. If it’s humid inside your home, it may be hard to get comfortable and fall asleep.

Humans are able to cool down their bodies by sweating. However, if there’s a lot of water vapor in the air, our sweat isn’t able to evaporate off our skin as easily. At 100% relative humidity (typically when it’s about to rain), sweat isn’t able to evaporate at all because the air is already completely saturated with water vapor. When sweat isn’t able to evaporate easily, it can make us feel hotter than the actual temperature outside. We provide air conditioning service so your unit lasts as long as possible.

Tired of living with high indoor humidity? Call our Grand Ledge HVAC contractors to learn about air conditioning installation. We’re proud to offer a range of heating and cooling services to our community. To request your quote for air conditioning installation, call Superior Home Comfort at (517) 925-1343.