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When you experience any decrease in comfort, rise in energy costs, elevated sound levels, strange smells from the cabinet or leakage around the unit, it’s no time to procrastinate. Air conditioning malfunctions, unfortunately, cannot fix themselves. As you continue to depend on failing equipment, the problem is guaranteed to worsen. Your air conditioner is a complex piece of machinery. One malfunctioning component places added strain on the entire system, leading to further complications and greater costs. There is also the concern of a safety hazard when machinery begins to fail.

At Superior Home Comfort; we strive to eliminate stress and worry by minimizing intrusion into your home and keeping prices down. Our experienced team of technicians arrives promptly, dressed professionally, and equipped with the necessary tools and parts to complete a broad range of service work.

We keep you informed before, during and after all work, making recommendations and securing your approval before proceeding. Whether your best option is to replace or repair, Superior Home Comfort implements a plan that satisfies your budget and schedule, accommodating you in all ways possible. Our Grand Ledge AC technicians specialize in air conditioning repair for both residential and commercial systems. No matter the brand, condition or type of unit; Superior Home Comfort has the skills and equipment needed to keep your indoor air conditioner working like new; keeping your family comfortable.

For quick response, reliable service and the most economical solutions to air conditioning difficulties, call Superior Home Comfort today at (517) 925-1343!

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