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5 Signs You Need Water Heater Replacement

Your household depends on your water heater to wash dishes, clean clothes, take showers, and more. If you suspect your water heater needs replacing, call our HVAC contractors as soon as possible. We can inspect your water heater to determine

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How Does an Air Conditioner Remove Humidity?

High humidity is just one of the tradeoffs of living in the Great Lakes state. Fortunately, an air conditioner can remove the humidity from your home so you stay comfortable throughout the summer. An air conditioning unit doesn’t just remove

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How to Winterize Your Air Conditioning Unit

Changing the thermostat from COOL to HEAT isn’t enough to prepare your air conditioner for winter. Fortunately, our HVAC contractors are able to clean air conditioner coils, replace dirty filters, and perform other routine maintenance before the snow flies. Continue

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Should I Install a Heat Pump or AC Unit?

Heat pumps and air conditioners both keep your home cool during hot humid weather. However, many homeowners aren’t sure which cooling system is best for their homes. If this sounds familiar, continue reading to learn the major differences between heat

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3 Signs You Need a Smaller AC Unit

Your air conditioning unit may be too big for your house if it’s constantly turning on and off. Fortunately, our HVAC contractors will make sure you install the right size AC unit for your home. Just because an AC unit

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